Previous Projects

Breastfeeding Application

HCW provide personalized specific information to breastfeeding parents in Illinois in an accessible empowering way in order to improve their breastfeeding ease and personal health?

The goal of a centralized breastfeeding application is to provide accurate resource information to women who may not have access to information regarding breastfeeding and maternal care in other ways.

The target population includes mothers who are from rural areas, low income, POC, and teens. Other stakeholders include doctors and family members.

Financial Literacy

How can we understand the level of financial literacy amongst the adult population and help them improve their understanding?

Senior citizens have trouble accessing their financial records and checking charges online. Some refuse to learn while some simply don’t have access to the information.

The solution was to “game-ify” the financial learning experience through an online platform that allows them to take a ‘financial journey’ in a safe digital environment. This will eventually equip them with financial knowledge to make their own decisions in the real world.


HCW bridge the gap between seniors and their healthcare community by integrating existing technology that maintains their independence?

Senior citizens don’t have the mobility or access to medical assistance in times of emergencies.

A solution would provide support stakeholders – doctors and seniors alike. Patients can keep these goggles near them at home so when they feel a medical condition acting up or are in an emergency, they can contact a doctor from the comfort of their home.

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